About us

About Us

Jarrett and Hiram presenting at Berkeley SkyDeck Acceelerator

How we started & why

Jarrett and Hiram founded Canbiance while finishing their undergraduate careers at the University of California Berkeley. While both were completing their degrees in Chemical Engineering. Jarrett and Hiram set out on a course to provide wellness solutions to other peers and students to help them live their best lives. As a result of their efforts, they decided to create Canbiance. An all-in one wellness solution for anyone to learn, access and experience alternative solutions to feel great.

Upon graduating, Hiram and Jarrett have presented at UCSF, UCB, UCLA, and USC. Sharing educational content about wellness solutions for students to help with focus and boost energy for long hours of studying.

What we're doing now

From learning how healthy lifestyle changes and intentional cannabidiol (CBD) use have benefited our lives, we’ve adopted an educational and empowering approach toward helping others live their healthiest and happiest life. Our product line includes a suite of plant based effect driven: gummies, botanical tinctures, and topical products to serve as remedies to chronic daily challenges like focus, stress, sleep and pain. 

The Canbiance family has grown in strength and connection. Our content, boba pop-up events, and collaborative partnerships have transformed into engaging community events and conversations on health, wellness, and entrepreneurship.

Hiram making CBD cream in Oakland Facility

Jarrett interviewing at a new canbiance manufacturing facility.

What we have planned for the future

As we look toward 2021 we are filled with hope and optimism. We continue to seek and leverage the powers of technology to deliver consistent and progressive value to our consumers through our products, services, and philanthropy. We’re just at the frontier of innovation in the hemp industry which we believe will be driven by technology, healthcare, and data. 

We’re excited to spearhead our mission, which is to inspire and empower people to live their healthiest and happiest lives through healthy lifestyle changes and natural wellness products. We believe that with the collective adoption of healthy lifestyle changes and conscious community action we can strive to create a world without illness.